Authors: Marco & Angelo

Authors: Marco & Angelo

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Why You Need to Visit Sydenstricker Glass Galleries

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    There are some wonderful artists here on Cape Cod, who work with a variety of classic and unusual media alike. One of our favorite artistic techniques used here on the Cape involves glass blowing and shaping. When it comes to this artistic media, Sydenstricker Glass Galleries is a great place to visit right here in Brewster, MA. The glasswork created at Sydenstricker Glass and displayed at the Cape Cod gallery includes intricate floral patterns, along with contemporary shapes and images. Learn more about Sydenstricker Glass Galleries and their authentic kiln-fired glassware!

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    About Sydenstricker Glass Galleries

    Bill Sydenstricker was a key figure in the artistic community here on Cape Cod. After his passing in 1994, his artistic creations continued to be handcrafted at his wonderful glass gallery. Sydenstricker glass plates are still created using his same unique techniques and styles. At Sydenstricker Glass Galleries on Route 6A, you will enjoy a bright, open space with beautiful handmade creations on display. That’s right; each glassware design is created by hand!

    The Process

    First, the artist cuts two sheets of glass to fit a mold made out of high fire terra cotta clay. The artist sifts powdered glass through a stencil to decorate the first sheet of glass. After the stencil is carefully removed, the decorated first piece is covered by the second sheet of glass. Both are placed on a mold and put in a 1500-degree kiln for five hours. During this time, the two pieces of glass fuse together, assuming the shape of the mold and locking in the colorful design inside. After that, the glass takes about 40 hours to cool back down before it is able to be placed in the gallery. This wonderful process creates some truly beautiful glassware!

    Glass Creations

    There are a variety of glass collectibles on display and available for purchase at Sydenstricker Glass Galleries. These include Christmas and holiday plates, floral print plates, lamps, and tables. Along with those classic patterns, you will discover some more contemporary pieces as well. Iridized glass, mosaic glass, and jeweled products are in high demand. Handkerchief vases are another unique favorite. Over 1,000 items are available on the Sydenstricker Glass Galleries online store, though a visitation in person to the Cape Cod location is encouraged.

    Stay at Candleberry Inn

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