Pain'es Creek
Authors: Marco & Angelo

Authors: Marco & Angelo

We own the Candleberry Inn, a boutique bed and breakfast in central Cape Cod. We're glad to share our recommendations on all the great things to explore throughout Cape Cod.

3 of the Best Things About Paine’s Creek

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    The scenery of Cape Cod is absolutely breathtaking. During your stay at Candleberry Inn, you’ll find pristine beach fronts and shorelines that are wonderful for viewing natural wildlife and getting lost in the sound of the tide. Paine’s Creek and the adjoining beach in Brewster, MA, are some of the gems of the Cape worth your exploration. With warm waters perfect for fall adventures on the bay side of Cape Cod, Paine’s Creek is a favorite late summer and autumn destination!

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    3 of the Best Things You’ll Find When Exploring Paine’s Creek

    1. Paine’s Creek Wild Swimming

    One of the most popular places to go while exploring Paine’s Creek is the beachfront. It’s perfect for building sandcastles, scoping out the tiny creatures submerged in the tide pools, and swimming. If you visit the beachfront in the late summer and during the fall, you can even avoid parking fees! Once you arrive at the beach, the water is warm and inviting. Feel the sand between your toes before running into the waves. After your swim, enjoy a great landscape while sunning or picnicking. We recommend visiting at high tide so you don’t have to travel a whole mile to the water’s edge.

    2. Paine’s Creek Kayaking

    If you want to be out on the water for hours at a time, kayaking is the perfect way to do it! Explore Cape Cod from a completely different perspective. Begin your kayaking trek along Paine’s Creek and Cape Cod Bay at the mouth of the creek. By starting here, you’ll see stunning scenery as you paddle toward the bay. Enjoy marshland, wading birds, and Osprey nests as part of the setting and wildlife. You can even take a break from paddling and fish from your kayak!

    3. Paine’s Creek Oysters

    This creek is home to Cape Cod’s famous Paine’s Creek Oysters. These are delicious cocktail oysters that have the signature Cape flavor: briny, sweet, and clean. The fresh salt water from the creek gives the oysters a tasty, unique flavor. Enjoy the day at Paine’s Creek, then try some of these yummy morsels from one of the nearby seafood restaurants.

    After Exploring Paine’s Creek, Retreat to Candleberry Inn

    After having a fun-filled day at Paine’s Creek, return to Candleberry Inn for some relaxation. Our luxurious accommodations in our historic main house feature working fireplaces, antique decorations, and beautiful oriental rugs. We also offer our Carriage House with three rooms available and a deck overlooking the back gardens. When you stay at Candleberry Inn, prepare to indulge in a delicious breakfast each morning in our 1790’s dining room and enjoy snacks and coffee throughout the day. Our concierge services will help plan the perfect Cape Cod vacation for you! Book your stay today.

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