Paine's Creek
Authors: Marco & Angelo

Authors: Marco & Angelo

We own the Candleberry Inn, a boutique bed and breakfast in central Cape Cod. We're glad to share our recommendations on all the great things to explore throughout Cape Cod.

6 Tips for Enjoying Paine’s Creek Beach on Cape Cod

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    With absolutely breathtaking scenery, Cape Cod is full of pristine beaches and shorelines where you can get lost in the sounds of the waves and views of the wildlife. Paine’s Creek Beach is one of these Cape gems, and there are several things that you can do when you visit.

    You’ll find many more things to do and restaurants in Brewster Massachusetts as well. And if you want help with planning your getaway, take a look at our free Cape Cod Vacation Guide.

    Paine's Creek

    About Paine’s Creek Beach

    A scenic inlet, Paine’s Creek Beach is located adjacent to Mant’s Landing Beach (also called Robbins Hill Beach) in historic Brewster.

    On the opposite side of the beach is the mouth of Stony Brook (otherwise known as Paine’s Creek), a stream that flows into Cape Cod Bay. Herring swim this stream from Cape Cod Bay to the Mill Ponds to spawn.

    6 Things to Do at Paine’s Creek Beach

    Paine’s Creek Beach features several types of land — sandy, rocky, and grassy — so you won’t have a hard time finding activities to do. And since it’s off the beaten path compared to other Brewster beaches, you don’t have to worry about it being too busy. Here are several things that you can enjoy while at the beach.

    Swim in the Gentle Surf

    The Paine’s Creek beachfront is one of the best places for swimming because of its location. Since it’s on Cape Cod Bay, the water is warmer and the surf is gentler than at the beaches on the Atlantic Ocean. Plus, the water is rather shallow because of the extended sandbar.

    Even during high tide, there’s plenty of sandy beach for you to lounge in the sun and have a picnic. The sand is ideal for creating castles too.

    Paddle Across the Bay Waters

    Along with being great for swimming, the gentle surf at this beach is optimal for canoeing, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding. It’s very easy to carry your chosen watercraft to the mouth of Stony Brook and launch yourself into the bay.

    Paddling is a wonderful way to get a new perspective of the Cape. In particular, starting from the creek mouth gives you the chance to see some stunning scenery and wildlife — including the marshland and wading birds.

    NOTE: If you paddle west, be careful for powerful outflow from Quivett Creek during moon tides.

    Watch the Colorful Sunset

    Cape Cod is known for having fantastic sunset-viewing spots, and one of the best is Paine’s Creek Beach. No matter the season, you can expect to see a photo-worthy splash of color meet the ripples of the gentle waves along the shore. You won’t want to miss this!

    Explore the Brewster Flats

    When the tide goes out at this beach, a beautiful phenomenon stretches out before you — the Brewster Flats — thanks to the expansive sandbar, which can spread out for more than 1 mile. Feel free to bring a pail and shovel to explore the tidal pools.

    In fact, you’ll find a host of marine life on the flats — big crabs, hermit crabs, minnows, and clams. You can even find oysters, which have the signature clean, briny, and sweet flavors of the Cape. Additionally, you can hunt for collectible stones on the Brewster Flats.

    NOTE: The Town of Brewster requires visitors to have a recreational shellfish permit if they want to take any of the sea clams, mussels, and oysters that they find on the Brewster Flats.

    Go Fishing

    If you want to go fishing while you’re at Paine’s Creek Beach, you can do so on the beachfront or via canoe or kayak. This inlet is actually one of the best places in Brewster for fishing because the outflow and slightly deeper water attract fish.

    At low tide, you can wade out onto the Brewster Flats as the tide drops to catch some nice bass. At high tide, kayaking west toward Quivett Creek can be very fruitful for catching stripers. And, you have excellent chances of catching bass if you venture further west along the rocky shoreline.

    Take Photos or Paint the Scene

    Even if you don’t go swimming, paddling, or fishing on the Paine’s Creek beachfront, you don’t want to pass up the opportunity to capture photos of the amazing landscape — especially since the Wing Island conservation area is within view. It’s an awesome spot for painting the landscape as well.

    Things to Know Before You Go to Paine’s Creek Beach

    Before you head to the Paine’s Creek beachfront, you should prepare for a few things. The main thing is that the Town of Brewster requires beach parking permits from mid-June to early September.

    You can get a sticker at the rear entrance of the town hall’s lower level — there’s a fine if you don’t have one. Here are some other considerations for visiting Paine’s Creek Beach:

    • Dogs aren’t allowed on the beach during peak season.
    • You can’t have a cookout on the beach.
    • No lifeguards are on duty.
    • Portable toilets are available.
    Cliff Pond Brewster - Nickerson State Park
    Nickerson State Park

    More Things to Do Near Paine’s Creek Beach

    If you don’t plan to spend the whole day at Paine’s Creek Beach, explore more of Brewster Massachusetts. There are plenty of things to do around town, but here are a few of our favorites to consider.

    Nickerson State Park

    For hiking, boating, swimming, fishing, and more, check out Nickerson State Park. This 1,900-acre natural area has 8 miles of walking and biking trails, as well as an equestrian trail. There are three sizable ponds, a playground, an amphitheater, and other facilities too.

    NOTE: The Cope Cod Rail Trail passes through part of the park.

    Stony Brook Grist Mill & Museum

    Do you want to look at some 19th-century artifacts? Then head to the Stony Brook Grist Mill & Museum. It’s the only structure that remains of Factory Village and offers some of the most picturesque views in town. Keep in mind that you can only view the upstairs museum artifacts during the summer.

    Cape Cod Museum of Natural History

    If you’re interested in learning about the plants and wildlife on Cape Cod, don’t miss out on visiting the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History. This 17,000-square-foot facility has interactive archaeology and wildlife exhibits — including an aquarium and a collection of birds.

    On top of that, it has a screened house with a butterfly life-cycle exhibit. The museum also oversees more than 400 acres of natural habitat, and you can explore the wildflower gardens and nature trails.

    Lemon Tree Village

    Before your Cape Cod getaway ends, you must go shopping. One of the best places to do that is Lemon Tree Village. This collection of unique shops offers a range of items.

    For instance, you can find a variety of gourmet foods, one-of-a-kind chef’s tools and kitchen supplies, tabletop items, and more at The Cook Shop. All kinds of books, children’s toys, games, and more are available at The Village Toy Store.

    Along with a few restaurants and snack spots, here are a handful of other shops that we recommend — Lemon Tree Pottery, By-the-Bay Designs, Brewster Birdhouse at Woodworks Gallery, The Sanctuary — Healing Therapies and Gifts, and La Bodega Cape Cod.

    Where to Eat Near Paine’s Creek Beach

    As you’re exploring the Paine’s Creek beachfront and other parts of Brewster Massachusetts, you’re bound to work up an appetite. Fortunately for you, Brewster restaurants offer an array of dining options.

    Cafe Alfresco

    Located in Lemon Tree Village only about a half-mile, two-minute drive from the beach, Cafe Alfresco offers some fantastic sandwiches for lunch. In fact, Cape Cod Life gave it the gold award for Best Sandwiches Lower Cape 2022.

    You can order panini and specialty sandwiches — such as a fried eggplant caprese, roast beef au jus melt, portobello mushroom, and falafel wrap. Plus, the eatery has bowls, salads, and smoothies.

    Fare and Just Kitchen

    Whether you want to enjoy healthy takeout or prefer to eat vegan meals, the Fare and Just Kitchen is the ideal place. Its entire menu is 100% plant-based and dedicated to being free of peanuts and gluten.

    This restaurant serves housemade soups, salads, and hot entrees — like the falafel bunny bowl, burger bowl, and lentil “meatless ball” carbonara. It makes several specialty smoothies too, such as mocha dream, creamsicle, and coco chai.

    Brewster Scoop

    Set up in Lemon Tree Village, the Brewster Scoop dips more than 30 flavors of ice cream into cones and dishes between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day. Some unique flavors include campfire s’mores, graham central station, and rum raisin.

    The Scoop even has no-sugar ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet, and sorbet. Plus, you can choose from nearly a dozen ice cream toppings. It’s the perfect spot for floats, frappes, and sundaes too.


    For a fine-dining experience in the evening, make a reservation at Spinnaker. This Italian-Mediterranean restaurant is run by a husband-and-wife team. The pair have been inspired by cuisines from around the world during their travels.

    The menu features handmade pasta, fish dishes, and tender meat courses prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients. You can pair your meal with a glass of wine from an extensive list.

    Guestroom Seabreeze Closeup with Lamps and End Tables

    Where to Stay to Experience All of Paine’s Creek Beach

    When you add a fun-filled day at Paine’s Creek Beach to your Cape Cod itinerary, consider staying at Candleberry Inn. Our Brewster bed and breakfast is only about a 2-mile, five-minute drive from the beachfront.

    Our luxurious accommodations feature gorgeous Oriental rugs, antique decor, and upgraded private bathrooms. We serve a freshly made breakfast every morning, and coffee and snacks are available all day. When you’re ready to book a room for your Cape getaway, check our availability.

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