Authors: Marco & Angelo

Authors: Marco & Angelo

We own the Candleberry Inn, a boutique bed and breakfast in central Cape Cod. We're glad to share our recommendations on all the great things to explore throughout Cape Cod.

All You Need To Know About the Hoxie House in Sandwich, MA

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    When you visit Cape Cod, you have an incredible opportunity to travel back into the past at the Hoxie House in Sandwich, MA. The home allows visitors to see the fascinating culture and lifestyle of the original Massachusetts settlers. Walk through the oldest house in all of Cape Cod, and discover more about the area’s incredible history.

    Do you want to know more about history in Cape Cod? Download our free vacation guide and explore all the historical sites and museums like the Hoxie House in Sandwich, MA. After a fun day of exploring our region, reflect on your experience at the Candleberry Inn.

    What Can I Experience at the Hoxie House in Sandwich, MA?

    Rich History

    The house was built in 1675 by Reverend John Smith, the second pastor of Sandwich, MA. He lived in it with his wife, Susanna Hinckley, and their 13 children. The home served many different families over the years including Abraham Hoxie, a well-known whaling captain. Hoxie purchased the home in the 1850s and brought the house its official recognition as the Hoxie House in Sandwich, MA.

    Until the 1950s, the property was a family home without electricity, central heating, or plumbing. The Hoxie House in Sandwich, MA, was never updated with modern conveniences and now is a museum designed to teach visitors about the simplicity of colonial life.

    Preserved, Authentic Exterior

    The Hoxie House in Sandwich, MA, provides a glimpse of the colonial past of the Massachusetts peninsula. The house was constructed in a “saltbox-style” with two stories and a steep roof that mirrored an actual salt box. The Hoxie House in Sandwich, MA, is furnished with historically accurate features including gunstock posts, beams made from Maine pumpkin pine trees, and wide floorboards to enhance a visitor’s experience inside the home.

    Enriching Tours

    Plan a temperate summer or crisp fall tour at the Hoxie House. Stop in daily from mid-June through mid-October. It is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday. The cost of tickets is $3 for adults, $2 children from 5 to 15, and free for children under 4.

    The Hoxie House relies on the help of volunteers. As a result, hours may vary. It is best to call ahead to confirm. If the house is not open, you can still walk around the property and learn about this important piece of Cape Cod history.

    The Hoxie House in Sandwich, MA, is a feature on The Cape Cod Museum Trail. The trail includes a wide range of Cape Cod historical landmarks like the Dexter Grist Mill and Thornton W. Burgess Museum.


    Reflect on Your Day at Candleberry Inn

    Did you love seeing the Hoxie House in Sandwich, MA? Enjoy the scenic 30-minute drive back to the Candleberry Inn and reflect your visit of the First Period America home. Our beautiful accommodations contain hardwood floors and elegant furnishings to mirror the early 1800s. Learn even more about Maine history when you stay at our our Georgian-styled inn. 

    Plan your historic Cape Cod weekend today!


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