herring run in cape cod
Authors: Marco & Angelo

Authors: Marco & Angelo

We own the Candleberry Inn, a boutique bed and breakfast in central Cape Cod. We're glad to share our recommendations on all the great things to explore throughout Cape Cod.

We Know the Best Place to See the Herring Run in Cape Cod

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    The natural phenomenons that occur on the Cape are just one of the many aspects that make up its incredible charm. Historic homes are scattered along the coast, creating the perfect balance of community and nature. One of our favorite occurrences out of the year is the herring run in Cape Cod. During this time, thousands of Blueback Herring enter our waters from hundreds of miles away to go back to the ponds where they were born. Stay at Candleberry Inn during this enchanting time to see the schools swarm through the local rivers.

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    About the Herring Run in Cape Cod

    Herrings spend most of their lives in the ocean, but once a year, they travel back to the freshwater streams they were born in. In April and May, residences of Cape Cod keep their eye out for the herring swimming through their streams as a marker of the coming of spring. As the waters get warmer, they make their trek through some well-known spots in the Cape. Locals and visitors flock to these locations to see the swarms of fish.

    Where to See the Herring Run in Cape Cod

    Stony Brook Grist Mill and MuseumThe fish spread themselves throughout the Cape, but there are a few spots near Candleberry Inn that have become well-known for the herring run in Cape Cod. The most popular spots are Paine’s Creek and the Stony Brook Grist Mill. Here, natural “fish ladders” have been created to help them pass through. The creek leads into a pond at the mill, connecting them together. Gaze into the waters from the bridges and rocky creek banks to see the multitudes of fish swimming through.

    Herring Run in Cape Cod History

    While we now just enjoy the spectacle of the herring run in Cape Cod, the herring used to be critical to the Colonial residents of the area. The herring run would be an exciting time for them as they easily gathered the fish to use as food and fertilizer for crops. As time went on, the fish were deemed as food for the poor. However, it is now illegal to catch herring due to the decline in the number of migrating herring.

    Where to Stay During the Herring Run in Cape Cod

    If you’re interested in seeing the herring run in Cape Cod, stay with us at Candleberry Inn. The herring run sites in Brewster are just a 5-minute drive down the road from our bed and breakfast! Experience the charm of the Cape when you stay with us. Our historic Main House and Carriage House are filled with gorgeous accommodations. All of our rooms have private baths, individual air conditioning, cable television, and sitting areas. Plus, you get to join us each morning for a delicious breakfast to start your day off right! Start planning your trip today.

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