freshwater fishing on cape cod
Authors: Marco & Angelo

Authors: Marco & Angelo

We own the Candleberry Inn, a boutique bed and breakfast in central Cape Cod. We're glad to share our recommendations on all the great things to explore throughout Cape Cod.

Where Is the Best Freshwater Fishing on Cape Cod?

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    Largemouth bass, tuna, and bluefish. Oh my! Cape Cod is the place for countless adventures like going to the beach and kayaking. Most notably, however, freshwater fishing on Cape Cod is an enjoyable way for anyone to spend a day on the Cape. Our peninsula is chock-full of bait and tackle shops offering products and friendly advice for seasoned fishermen and enthusiastic beginners alike. Whether you’re looking to spend your entire getaway fishing or want to explore numerous other outdoor activities Cape Cod has to offer, view our complimentary Vacation Guide to see our local, handpicked recommendations!

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    4 of the Best Places for Freshwater Fishing on Cape Cod

    1. Cliff Pond

    Cliff Pond is one of the best spots for freshwater fishing on Cape Cod during fishing season—usually April through October, weather permitting. Situated in Nickerson State Park just a skip and a hop from Candleberry Inn, Cliff Pond is especially beneficial for those trout fishing. From brown trout to rainbow trout, Cliff Pond’s water has it all. This location gives visitors the option to fish from either the shore or a small boat. Because the fish in this pond are most comfortable at 30 to 40 feet below the surface, we recommend casting your line from a boat for best results.

    2. Flax Pond

    Flax Pond is another gem located within Nickerson State Park. The 49-acre pond is stocked with a variety of state-raised fish each year such as brook, brown, and rainbow trout. But don’t be surprised if you hook a smallmouth bass! We recommend fishing from the partially-shaded beach area in this particular location, but casting a line from canoes is another popular alternative. This pond also has a roped-off swimming area to wade in if you’re traveling with guests who aren’t fishing enthusiasts.

    3. Higgins Pond

    At this point, it’s no surprise that Nickerson State Park is the Cape’s go-to spot for freshwater fishing. Higgins Pond is no exception. Stocked with the same trout as the aforementioned, Higgins is also home to tiger trout. This particular type of trout is especially desirable, dressed with an orange hue and carefully placed spots. Experts have found that fly fishing is the best method to catch the beauties in this pond, although hardware such as small spoons and spinners have proven to be successful, too.

    4. Baker Pond

    Baker Pond, located on the border of the Brewster and Orleans line, is sure to yield results. This pond is stocked with a variety of trout each year and is also a popular place to catch bass. If you plan to go fishing on Cape Cod during the summer, we recommend depths of 20 to 35 feet, because, like many of us, they’re also looking for shade from the summer rays.

    Where to Stay in Cape Cod

    Stay in the Seacroft Suite at Candleberry in during your freshwater fishing on Cape Cod trip.

    If you’re looking for a place to stay near freshwater fishing on Cape Cod, you’ll love staying at Candleberry Inn. There are enough fishing opportunities for an entire vacation in Nickerson State Park, which is less than a 10-minute drive from our bed and breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, our inn serves up a two-course, gourmet breakfast each morning to fuel you up before your day full of fishing on the Cape. For maximum comfort during your stay, we recommend the Seacroft Suite. This suite is privately located on the second floor of the inn and has a spectacular view of our garden and whispering fountain.

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