Authors: Marco & Angelo

Authors: Marco & Angelo

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See Some of the Most Beautiful Pieces at Earth n Fire Pottery

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    Earth n Fire Pottery combines the talents of Andrew Jones and Kathleen Chase-Jones in a beautiful pottery partnership. Located on Main St. in Brewster, MA, this Cape Cod pottery studio instills a sense of wonder and artistic adventure in both visitors and locals alike. Inspired by seaside surroundings and blending a sense of the whimsical with roots in practicality, the pottery designed here would serve as a wonderful souvenir to bring back home with you after your Massachusetts vacation. The Earth n Fire Pottery studio is a favorite place to visit, learn, and browse on Cape Cod in between trips to the beaches and restaurants. Here are a few things you should know before you make a visit to Earth n Fire Pottery!

    Earth n Fire Pottery Hours & Info

    The Earth n Fire Pottery studio and gallery are open between 9am and 5:30pm daily. Make a visit anytime between your sunbathing adventures along the shoreline and discover more about this unique art form. Watch as, before your eyes, a lump of clay is crafted and transformed into a usable vase or bowl. See artists form beautiful sculptures and glaze and fire them in the Earth n Fire Pottery kiln. From practical kitchenware to aesthetically pleasing artwork, there is quite the variety. Jones and Chase-Jones specialize in wheel-thrown functional and decorative porcelain and stoneware pottery. However, you will see two different styles between the two of them. Since the duo travels for shows, you will discover a lot of pottery in the store, but they will also make you specific pieces at request.

    Earth n Fire Pottery Creations


    There are some lovely creations that you will discover during your visit to Earth n Fire Pottery. You will discover everyday bowls and mugs, along with specialty wedding plates and adorable sculpted Cape Cod seagulls (with personality). There are also items such as lamps, casserole dishes, plates, platters, and serving pieces. When you come to the studio and gallery, you will have the chance to see these creations on display and purchase one to bring home if you wish.


    The trademark Cape Cod seagull collection is a definite favorite at Earth n Fire Pottery. With preemies starting at just $16, small pieces at $28, regulars at $40, and extra-large sculptures going for only $150, these are fairly reasonable prices for high-quality, well-crafted pottery. You can also call for a custom creation. The seagull collection features everything from cheerleader birds to baseball players to garden birds. You can find some with a golf club and others with a tennis racket, and there are even holiday themed creations.


    The Earth n Fire Pottery gallery includes a variety of beautiful stoneware and porcelain. A blueberry design marks a teapot and mug set, while warm green and brown tones are melded artistically on a plateware set. From a honey pot with an intricate bee on the outside to a blue and white nautical mug to remember your sailing adventures, these are great souvenirs and gifts. You will not find them anywhere else because they are truly one-of-a-kind!

    Candleberry Inn

    Stay at Candleberry Inn in Brewster, MA, during your stay on Cape Cod to indulge in the authentic culture. We will treat you to luxurious accommodations and delicious breakfasts each morning. We also offer peaceful grounds and proximity to the less-crowded beaches along the shoreline. For more to see and do, we have a free vacation guide available, so you can you plan your trip before you even arrive. We hope to see you soon!

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