The dunes at Crosby Landing Beach in Brewster, MA
Authors: Marco & Angelo

Authors: Marco & Angelo

We own the Candleberry Inn, a boutique bed and breakfast in central Cape Cod. We're glad to share our recommendations on all the great things to explore throughout Cape Cod.

Crosby Landing Beach is One of the Best Beaches to Relax

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    Crosby Landing Beach is a peaceful and relaxing Cape Cod sandy shoreline. Quiet and basic, this beach offers no amenities, just the salt air, sandy shores, and calming waves to bring you back to nature. After all, the main reason to go on vacation to Cape Cod is the beach life! Let all your worries and stresses wash away with the tides during your getaway to Crosby Landing Beach and stay at Candleberry Inn in Brewster, MA.

    Crosby Landing Beach is just seven minutes away from Candleberry Inn, offering wonderful convenience! You won’t have to worry about lugging all your beach gear miles and miles until you hit the shore. Here in Cape Cod at Candleberry Inn, you will be right next to the water, beaches stretching out for miles and offering plenty of space for you, your family, and your friends! Here are just a few reasons why you should make a visit to Crosby Landing Beach during your stay in Cape Cod!

    What To Do at Crosby Landing Beach

    During low tide at Crosby Landing Beach, you can walk out into the ocean to the sandbar and enjoy a panoramic beach spread with the water rushing over your toes. You can also see some occasional sea creatures and shells spread out and underfoot or along the shore in tidal pools that form during low tide.

    Such a peaceful stretch of sand is fitting for some yoga and meditation. Bring your yoga mat and enjoy some serene inner focus and contemplation. Let your mind clear from all the stresses you’ve left back home and embrace this moment surrounded by beautiful nature, calming crashing waves, and healing salt air.

    The bike trail on Cape Cod stops off at Crosby Landing Beach, so you can bike from Candleberry Inn to Crosby Landing Beach easily. Try Cape Cod Rail Trail Bike and Kayak Rentals for your cycling needs or pack your own bicycles from home if you’re traveling by car to Candleberry Inn.

    The waves as Crosby Landing Beach are pretty mellow, which makes this a great place for swimming and bodysurfing. If you’re feeling like a kid, don’t hesitate to break out the boogie board to ride a few light waves into the shore. Embrace your inner youth and have some laugh-inducing fun during your beach vacation!

    One of the best things about Crosby Landing Beach is that it is not crowded like other beaches on Cape Cod. Avoid the umbrella-clashing chaos of the more popular shorelines and opt for this more laid-back, secluded option. You won’t have to fight the crowds for a spot in the sand!

    After a Day at Crosby Landing Beach

    The best thing to do, however, at Crosby Landing Beach, is simply relax! That’s what you’re on vacation for, after all!
    After having a wonderful day at Crosby Landing Beach, come back to Candleberry Inn for some more relaxing and luxury treatment. We will make sure you are comfortable and have all you need during your stay in town. We will also cook you a delicious breakfast in the morning to give you energy to embark on more Cape Cod adventures. We can’t wait to see you here! There are great memories to be made.

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