cranberries floating in water on a Cranberry Bog tour in Cape Cod
Authors: Marco & Angelo

Authors: Marco & Angelo

We own the Candleberry Inn, a boutique bed and breakfast in central Cape Cod. We're glad to share our recommendations on all the great things to explore throughout Cape Cod.

You Need to See These Cranberry Bog Tours on Cape Cod

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    Cranberry bogs are just one example of something unique you can experience during your visit to Cape Cod. Massachusetts is one of four major cranberry growing areas in the U.S. and is responsible for half of U.S. cranberry production. With great responsibility comes great pride, and we like to show off this unique growing process with Cranberry bog tours on Cape Cod.  Below is your holistic guide to the best Cape Cod cranberry growers and tours. If you like our guide to cranberry bogs on Cape Cod, then you’re sure to enjoy our complimentary Vacation Guide. This resource is filled with local information on how you can experience our area like a local. 

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    3 of the Best Cranberry Bog Tours on Cape Cod

    First, What Is a Cranberry Bog?

    If you’re not native to an area with cranberry bogs, you very well might not be familiar with this anomalous growing process. To understand scale, more than 14,000 acres of cranberry bogs span across the Southeastern Massachusetts region.  For decades, these regions contributed to the wetlands ecosystem. In this way, cranberry growing has had a direct impact on the plant and animal species in these areas! Cranberries are unique in that they don’t grow on trees like apples or lemons, but on trailing vines among wetlands and layers of sand, gravel, and other sediments.

    Cranberry Bog Tours

    Leo and Andrea Cakounes own and operate Cranberry Bog Tours at their cranberry farm in Harwich, which is just a short, 15-minute drive from Candleberry Inn bed and breakfast in Brewster MA. Start your day with a walking tour here after enjoying breakfast at our inn! This 12-month operation is the largest bog on Cape Cod! The cranberry farm showcases the equipment used to cultivate and care for cranberries and farm animals around the property. Tour season begins in April and runs through the fall. Daily tours run seven days a week.

    Tip: Make sure you bring cash. Credit cards are not accepted.

    Annie’s Crannies

    Massachusetts is the home state for cranberries, but the original cultivation site is in Dennis on the Cape Cod peninsula. Annie’s Crannies boasts more than 200 years of cranberry growing history smack dab in the cradle of America’s cranberry country. Tours here are during harvest season in the fall in Cape Cod, mainly October and November.

    While cranberry bog tours are the main attraction at Annie’s, visitors can also experience different activities. See how honey and beeswax candles are spun from cranberry blossoms or clean your own berries in the antique screening equipment. The gift shop features an assortment of Annie’s Crannies products including jams, cranberry recipes, fresh fruit, and soaps.

    Cape Cod Cranberry Bog Tour

    This walking tour explores one of Cape Cod’s most historic and important industries. Cape Cod Cranberry Bog Tours are held from June to December. This gives visitors a unique look at the process on an almost year-round basis. You can see the bogs in bloom from mid-June to mid-July, cranberry growing from mid-July to September, and harvesting from September to December.

    A grower with more than 28 years of experience provides visitors with an in-depth, educational tour of the entire growing process. You can even bring binoculars or field glasses to see interesting local birds and wildlife around the bogs. After you’ve relished in all there is to know about the cranberry growing process, learn about grapes and the winemaking process on a Cape Cod winery tour!

    Tip: Minimum group size is four persons per tour.

    Make the Most of Your Stay on Cape Cod at Candleberry Inn Bed and Breakfast

    Highlands Room at Candleberry Inn Bed and Breakfast on Cape Cod

    After spending the day experiencing a Cape Cod staple, relax in quintessential New England charm at our Brewster MA bed and breakfast. Our luxurious accommodations feature an array of amenities that will make your stay in Brewster one to remember.

    Take a look at our Highlands Room overlooking the property’s side gardens and expansive lawn. This cozy room features a working fireplace and is perfect for a romantic weekend getaway. Add on an in-room couples massage to complete your relaxing and romantic stay.

    Check our availability and don’t forget to start planning your Cape Cod adventure today!


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