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By Innkeepers, Marco & Angelo

By Innkeepers, Marco & Angelo

We own the Candleberry Inn, a boutique bed and breakfast in central Cape Cod. We're glad to share our recommendations on all the great things to explore throughout Cape Cod.

The Best Way to Spend Your Cape Cod Weekend Getaway

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    Looking to get away for the weekend? Cape Cod is a great destination for a weekend retreat, featuring a variety of great activities and attractions! Whether you’re looking to lounge on the beach, enjoy a water sport, explore the culinary scene, or attend a local play, there is plenty to love here on the Cape. Then, your Cape Cod weekend getaway is complete with a stay at Candleberry Inn!

    For more information on what to do during your Cape Cod weekend getaway, you can download our free Vacation Guide. It features some of our favorite things to do near the Candleberry Inn!

    Lounge at Linnell Landing Beach

    Linnell Landing Beach is a great location for water activities. Swimming is particularly popular at high tide, especially at the lower cape region. Bodysurf on some casual waves or make your way along the shoreline, letting the salt water rejuvenate your body and salt air refresh your senses. Another popular water activity at Linnell Landing Beach is kayaking. This is a great space to bring your kayak and head out onto the water. Paddle along the crest of the waves and see what Cape Cod wildlife you discover as you head out on the water. Birds and dolphins might be just a few creatures you see on your adventures!

    Take a Leisurely Bike Ride

    Cape Cod is a leisurely summer hideaway with white sandy beaches, gift shops with everything from whimsical puka shell necklaces to brand-name flip-flops, and a slow pace that hovers over the peninsula like a warm hug. Embrace the Cape Cod lifestyle of staying outdoors by adventuring along a variety of bike trails. Discover the nature that everyone else is soaking up in our little Massachusetts slice of paradise. There is so much to explore, appreciate, and draw inspiration from along the Cape Cod Rail Trail!

    Enjoy a Romantic Dinner at a Local Seafood Restaurant

    The culinary scene in Cape Cod offers many seafood options because of its unique coastal location. With fresh seafood just offshore, local restaurants take advantage and provide some truly excellent saltwater dishes. In the Lower Cape and surrounding area near Candleberry Inn, there are several great restaurants to enjoy some seafood. Some of our favorite restaurants to enjoy during a Cape Cod weekend getaway include the Brewster Fish House and FIN Cape Cod.

    See a Show at the Cape Rep Theatre

    Since you’re staying overnight for your Cape Cod weekend getaway, you can enjoy some nightlife! Whether you want to go to a bar or attend a show, there is plenty to explore on the Cape after the sun sets. One of our favorite nighttime activities is going to see a performance at the Cape Rep Theatre. Many Broadway actors come to perform at this premier local venue. You are sure to see a magnificent show!

    Stay at Candleberry Inn

    Planning a Cape Cod weekend getaway? Among your seaside lounging, shopping escapades, and culinary adventures, you will also need to figure out where to stay on Cape Cod. If you’re looking for a luxury retreat set apart from the typical cookie-cutter Cape Cod hotels on the beach, then search no farther than Candleberry Inn! Our historic inn in Brewster, MA, is a lovely retreat within walking distance to the main strip and the beach yet secluded enough in the privacy of our own gardens and lush grounds. Let us explain why Candleberry Inn is your best option when looking for where to stay on Cape Cod!

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