Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory Tour
Authors: Marco & Angelo

Authors: Marco & Angelo

We own the Candleberry Inn, a boutique bed and breakfast in central Cape Cod. We're glad to share our recommendations on all the great things to explore throughout Cape Cod.

A Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory Tour Is One of the Best Activities

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    When you think of Cape Cod, what comes to mind? For us, it’s the pristine beaches, delicious seafood, and New England charm. For the foodies, it might be Cape Cod Potato Chips! Believe it or not, these delicious snacks are manufactured right in the Cape. Come see for yourself when you go on a Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory Tour!

    Planning your Cape Cod getaway? Now that you know you want to go on a Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory Tour, it’s time to plan the rest of your trip. Our area is filled with countless other wonderful attractions. For a complete list of handpicked, local recommendations, take a look at our complimentary Vacation Guide. This valuable resource has helped so many travelers plan unforgettable trips to the Cape, so get a copy today!

    About Cape Cod Potato Chips

    If you have never experienced Cape Cod Potato Chips, you definitely have to grab a bag during your stay at Candleberry Inn! They use simple ingredients to create their delicious snack. Hand-selected potatoes, salt, and oil are the base, although other ingredients and flavors may be added. Whichever ingredients are used, they make sure they are the highest quality possible. These chips are made one batch at a time to ensure decadent flavor and crunch!

    History of Cape Cod Potato Chips

    Cape Cod Potato Chips started out small. The two business owners had been cooking chips in their own kitchen for years and decided to go after their dream to sell these chips in a small store. News of these crunchy snacks soon spread. Tourists would line out the door to purchase chips to take back home. The business soon grew out of their original store; they never thought it would blossom into what it is today!

    Going on the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory Tour

    The Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory Tour became available in 1985. Now, more than 250,000 people embark on this tour each year! The tour is self-guided and free to the public. Here, you can learn all about how the chips are made. You’ll get to see everything from the farmers’ fields to the custom-made kettles! However, the best part is that you get to take some sample bags home afterward.

    The Best Place to Stay on Cape Cod

    king bed with sitting areaIf you’re planning a Cape Cod getaway, you deserve the best accommodations possible. Centrally located in Brewster, Candleberry Inn is near everything you need for the perfect vacation. You’ll be just a half hour away from the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory Tour and walking distance to restaurants and beaches. Browse through our cozy accommodations to start planning your trip. The Main House and Carriage House date back all the way to the 1800s, giving each room historic charm.

    For a luxurious stay, indulge in our Garden Suite. This large room has a handsome wide pine floor, king size bed with crisply ironed cotton sheets, and comfortable sitting area. Plus, a sliding door takes you onto your private, brick patio with lounge chairs. It’s the perfect place to come back to and relax after your Cape Cod Adventures!

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