Best Cape Cod Restaurants
Authors: Marco & Angelo

Authors: Marco & Angelo

We own the Candleberry Inn, a boutique bed and breakfast in central Cape Cod. We're glad to share our recommendations on all the great things to explore throughout Cape Cod.

15 Best Restaurants in Brewster MA to Enjoy

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    Historically, picturesque beaches and a storied past were the main attractions of Cape Cod rather than its culinary offerings. Yet, the tide has turned, and now the area, especially Brewster, features a burgeoning food scene. Visitors can find an impressive selection of restaurants in Brewster MA that cater to various palates.

    Whether you’re in the mood for an exceptional seafood feast or an intimate dinner for two, Brewster has you covered. Discover our preferred dining spots in this charming town. You’ll find that most are conveniently located along or just a stone’s throw from historic Route 6A, also known as Old King’s Highway and Main Street.

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    Breakfast at Candleberry with Sunlight Streaming In
    Breakfast at Candleberry Inn

    Outstanding Brewster Cafes for Breakfast & Coffee

    Candleberry Inn

    As a cherished visitor at our quaint Cape Cod bed and breakfast in Brewster, each morning greets you with a sumptuous, two-tiered breakfast. This delectable start to your day is available from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. in our Main House’s nostalgically styled dining room from the 1970s. On days when the weather is inviting, you have the option to dine at quaint bistro tables set amidst the verdant patio garden.

    Our breakfast menu is a rotation of delightful dishes — savory frittatas, airy egg soufflés, an assortment of fresh fruits, apple-infused pancakes, and waffles crafted in the Belgian tradition … among other beloved selections. Also, we offer freshly baked muffins and sweets. With prior notification, we are more than happy to cater to a wide range of dietary needs.

    Cafe Alfresco

    Cafe Alfresco operates as a family-owned eatery nestled within the Lemon Tree Village marketplace. When it comes to midday meals, the restaurant offers a selection of paninis and unique sandwich creations alongside options like chicken strips and wings and a variety of seafood offerings — including lobster salad rolls, as well as falafel wraps and turkey patties. Guests have the option to enjoy their meals al fresco, and the menu caters to various dietary preferences with gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options.

    Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters

    Make it a point to drop in at Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters during your stay. This inviting coffee shop exudes a laid-back and cozy atmosphere and has been a purveyor of responsibly sourced, high-quality coffee since its inception in 2015.

    Witness the skilled baristas as they expertly roast and craft your drink. In addition to a variety of coffee, espresso, and tea options, the cafe offers an array of baked goods, oatmeal, and granola bars among other treats.

    For peckish moments, salads, jerky, artisanal chocolates, and cookies are available throughout the day. Conveniently located next to an herbal apothecary, the coffee shop welcomes patrons every day except for three days annually.

    Best Casual Dining Restaurants in Brewster MA

    The Kitchen Cafe

    Initially established in the bustling Financial District of Boston, The Kitchen Cafe found its new home in Brewster in 2021. Situated in the heart of Brewster, the cafe now serves a chef-crafted lunch menu brimming with premium ingredients and enticing main dishes. Renowned for its speedy service and congenial atmosphere, guests simply order at the counter and can enjoy the convenience of having their meals delivered to their tables.

    Stone L’Oven Pizza Co.

    For those with a penchant for pizza and Italian cuisine, Stone L’Oven Pizza Co. is the destination of choice. This establishment is celebrated for its all-natural, hand-tossed pizzas that are expertly cooked on a stone hearth at a fiery 625 degrees Fahrenheit.

    The menu features inventive pizza varieties, such as fig and prosciutto, sweet potato and bacon, and scallop and bacon. Additionally, patrons can customize their own pizzas or opt for other Italian staples — calzones, pasta dishes, paninis, salads, wraps, sandwiches, and soups. Al fresco dining is an option as well.

    Freemans Grill

    Nestled within Captains Golf Course, Freemans Grill presents a delectable array of breakfast and lunch offerings. The creatively crafted lunch menu stands out with unique selections, such as pulled pork poutine, pastor-style quesadillas, and short rib grilled cheese.

    Diners have the option to savor their meals indoors or on the outdoor patio with picturesque views of the golf course. The bar menu, which is offered into the early evening, may be more concise but still features a variety of popular lunch items. To complement your dining experience, there’s an extensive wine and cocktail list and a selection of local draft beers.

    seafood restaurants in Brewster, MA

    Great Restaurants in Brewster for Fine Dining


    Managed by a dynamic duo of a husband and wife, Spinnaker represents the pinnacle of sophisticated and intimate dining, conveniently located just a brief stroll from Candleberry Inn. Since its inception in 2017, this stylish Mediterranean-inspired boutique eatery has quickly garnered acclaim from both locals and tourists, making reservations a smart choice.

    The menu is ever-evolving, reflecting the rhythms of the seasons and the availability of fresh ingredients. Guests can anticipate inventive culinary creations — such as char-grilled octopus, succulent steak tenderloin bathed in a red wine reduction, and a combination of clams and petite shrimp accompanied by handcrafted ndunderi, a type of ricotta gnocchi. Additionally, the restaurant boasts an extensive wine selection, one of the most impressive in the region.

    The Brewster Fish House

    Presenting a menu that embraces the seasons with a bistro flair, The Brewster Fish House is renowned for its array of offerings that extend beyond seafood. The restaurant is celebrated for its use of fresh, regionally sourced produce and for earning accolades from Zagat.

    Diners can savor a variety of dishes, including creamy lobster bisque, tender braised short ribs, classic hard-shell lobster, assorted sandwiches, and traditional fish and chips. The establishment is also accommodating to those following gluten-free and vegetarian diets. Beyond the food, it’s a welcoming venue for enjoying a selection of cocktails, beers, and wines.

    Chillingsworth and Chills Bistro & Bar

    Acclaimed for once welcoming legendary culinary icon Julia Child, Chillingsworth and Chills Bistro & Bar resides on the historic grounds of the Chillingsworth Foster estate, a property whose roots stretch back over three centuries. For more than three decades, it has stood as a culinary landmark in Cape Cod, opening its doors to patrons from May through Thanksgiving weekend.

    The prestigious four-star establishment offers both multicourse feasts and a la carte dining options, while the bistro side of the operation specializes in small plates. And, there’s an extensive wine list available to perfectly match your chosen dishes.

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    Top Seafood Restaurants in Brewster Cape Cod

    Brewster Inn & Chowder House

    Housed within a structure originally erected circa 1870 as a haven for retirees, Brewster Inn & Chowder House has a storied history of culinary service spanning over 100 years. It’s known for its comforting array of seafood and diverse lunch and dinner dishes.

    Unique offerings that set this eatery apart include their signature fried oyster or scallop rolls and the distinctive sauteed mango shrimp and scallops. Guests have the choice of dining in the inviting interior or enjoying their meals in the outdoor seating area.

    The Island Blue Crab

    For those indecisive about choosing between a seafood feast and a steakhouse experience, The Island Blue Crab caters to both appetites.

    While its reputation shines brightest for its seafood dishes — think shrimp and lobster saffron, salmon piccata, lobster ravioli, and assorted fried combinations — it doesn’t fall short in providing succulent steak, poultry, and veal dishes, along with a variety of burgers and sandwiches.

    Freshness is a hallmark of the cuisine, and the restaurant thoughtfully offers gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options to accommodate diverse dietary needs.

    JT’s Seafood

    When the craving for swift and savory seafood hits, JT’s Seafood ranks high on our list of preferred eateries in Brewster. This establishment welcomes patrons from mid-April through the end of September and is conveniently situated on Main Street, a short distance from Candleberry Inn.

    A number of its offerings have consistently garnered accolades from Cape Cod Life — including its chowder, fried clams, lobster rolls, and a selection of 20 ice cream flavors. Plus, the menu features an array of baked and grilled specialties, fried assortments, and classic burgers and sandwiches. To complement your meal, order from a selection of local draft beers and wines.

    best ice cream cape cod

    Best Brewster Bakeries & Ice Cream Shops

    Brewster Scoop

    Just a stone’s throw from Candleberry Inn — on the opposite side of the street — sits the amiable and storied Brewster Scoop adjacent to the historic Brewster Store that has been a staple in the community since 1866. Originally an extension of the general store, the ice cream shop eventually established its own quaint space.

    Welcoming guests from the start of Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, the shop delights with a selection of over 30 ice cream flavors. The extensive offerings include an array of sundaes, frozen yogurt, sherbets and sorbets, and no-sugar-added ice cream options. Additionally, patrons can indulge in classic floats and frappes.

    Eat Cake 4 Breakfast Bakery

    The driving philosophy of Eat Cake 4 Breakfast Bakery is to craft food that brings joy and satisfies the taste buds. The proprietor, who is also an adept pastry chef, honed their skills in French pastry-making and applies those refined techniques to beloved American staples.

    The bakery’s menu is a showcase of sweet and savory selections, including an array of cookies, pies, cakes, croissants, quiches, scones, tarts, and single-serving desserts. To complement your pastry of choice, the bakery serves coffee and espresso with the option to enjoy your treat in the outdoor seating area.

    Hopkins House Bakery & Gift Shop

    After an educational journey that included time in England and formal training at the Culinary Institute of America in New York, the baker and proprietor of Hopkins House Bakery & Gift Shop has dedicated nearly three decades to delighting the palates of Brewster residents and visitors.

    The bakery’s expansive selection spans a variety of baked treasures — from muffins and scones to brownies, dessert bars, cookies, pies, bagels, and quiches. For those seeking a beverage to pair with their baked delight, the bakery offers coffee and a range of chilled drinks too.

    A Convenient Place to Stay in Brewster

    Nestled within the historic heart of Old Cape Cod, Brewster’s restaurants are steeped in heritage. Many of these eateries are dotted along the picturesque Route 6A — several within walking distance of Candleberry Inn. For those slightly farther afield, a brief journey is all that’s needed.

    Occasionally, our packages and specials highlight a dining package that includes gift certificates to local eateries. For guests preferring to dine in, our Guest Pantry is equipped with plates and silverware for takeout or leftovers to enjoy in the dining room.

    Beyond Brewster, travelers will find an array of exquisite restaurants across Cape Cod. To assist in your culinary adventure, we can provide a guidebook containing some of our top dining recommendations shortly before your arrival.

    When you’re ready to book your Cape Cod getaway lodging, check out our room and suites for your trip dates.

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