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Authors: Marco & Angelo

Authors: Marco & Angelo

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All Of The Ways To Utilize The Brewster Ladies’ Library

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    In the summer months, visitors flock to Cape Cod for its sunny, bright days that are perfect for catching some beach rays. However, we’ve all had an experience when Mother Nature let us down. Be it a dip in temperature or a rain shower, the Brewster Ladies’ Library is the perfect way to spend a day on the Cape indoors. You won’t be disappointed with the wide selection of local nonfiction, a romance paperback, or your favorite novel available at this community library! Browse all they have to offer, check out your favorite book, and head back to Candleberry Inn to curl up and read it in your comfortable guest room. 

    For more ways to explore Cape Cod, indoors and outdoors, request a copy of our complimentary Vacation Guide! Your Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C can all be found inside of this free resource! 

    Cape Cod Vacation Guide 

    Your Guide to Visiting the Brewster Ladies’ Library 

    History & Mission of the Brewster Ladies’ Library

    The Brewster Ladies’ Library has been serving the local community since 1852. The idea for the library was the birth child of two women, who, during the explosion of wealth in Brewster, saw a need and perfect opportunity to institute a library. Now, the organization is made up of 12 ladies who serve on the Board of Directors and carry out the library’s mission to be a cultural and lifelong learning center. It provides free access to a variety of resources, activities, and professional assistance, and is an invaluable tool to the community! 

    Perhaps the way that the library best serves the community is through its events. These events include auctions/fundraisers to sustain the library, sales to support local books and local authors, as well as educational workshops and seminars. There’s almost always something exciting happening here!

    How to Choose the Best Book 

    Delving into a novel is just one way to spend a day at our area’s beaches. The Brewster Ladies’ Library holds some great books for a good beach or rainy day read. The librarians can help assist you if you’re looking for something specific, or you can use the Book Lover’s Guide. The page is designed to assist book lovers in their search for information in the library and online! The search process narrows down book titles and author names, as well as reviews and awards that they have received. That way, you can catch a glimpse of what awaits you before you visit. 

    The knowledgeable staff at the Brewster Ladies’ Library will be able to help you choose a book by genre, theme, or any other requirement you might have. Here’s one librarian’s opinion on how to choose the right book! They know that rows and rows of books can seem daunting to sift through, but here, it’s easy and fun! This spot is also a local favorite, so it’s the perfect way to immerse yourself in the Brewster community. 

    Turn the Page to the Best Getaway at Candleberry Inn 

    After spending the day getting lost in your book from the Brewster Ladies’ Library, catch the sunset at Breakwater Beach before heading back to your guest room at Candleberry Inn. Here, you can explore the remaining chapters of your book from your cozy bed or on our expansive lawn that looks out at the Old King’s Highway. 

    Reserve a stay in our Garden Suite and turn the pages from the cozy king-size bed or from your furnished private patio! Aside from the comfortable accommodations, you’ll also enjoy access to all of our wonderful amenities. Browse all of our guest rooms and book your favorite today!

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