Brewster Historical Society
Authors: Marco & Angelo

Authors: Marco & Angelo

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Go Back in Time at the Brewster Historical Society

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    There is so much to do during a getaway to Cape Cod! You can always have some fun in the sun out on the water, on a sandy beach, or hiking through parks. You will also find no shortage of museums, art galleries, and historic sites. A great place to get a little history lesson about the town surrounding Candleberry Inn is a visit to the Brewster Historical Society. The Captain Elijah Cobb House, the main building of the Brewster Historical Society, is just a 5-minute walk from Candleberry Inn. Use this opportunity to learn about some of the area’s amazing history!

    For more information on things to do during your stay at Candleberry Inn, you can download our free Vacation Guide! It’s full of other ways to learn about the Cape’s history, like visiting Brewster Historical Society or the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History!

    The Brewster Historical Society Main Location

    About the Elijah Cobb House

    The Brewster Historical Society recently took over the Elijah Cobb House and returned it to its former glory. Built in 1799, this farmhouse has now been fully converted into a museum and the society’s new main location. The renovation was completed through donations by residents and business that wanted to see this historical landmark kept alive, as well as grants from the state of Massachusetts. The only modern amenity left in the historical house is indoor plumbing, therefore everything has been returned back to the way it was over 200 years ago. Now, the Brewster Historical Society is run almost completely by donations and volunteers.

    Visiting the Elijah Cobb House

    When you visit the Elijah Cobb House, it is like taking a step back in time. The fireplaces, beehive oven, windows, and flooring are all completely original. Each room features a themed exhibit, some permanent, some rotating. You will find artifacts like antique furniture, old tools, medicine bottles, and collection of portraits and paintings that Brewster Historical Society has collected to tell the tale of Brewster’s past. Admission to the museum is $5. Just make sure you check the schedule to see when they are open since the museum is run mostly by volunteers!

    Windmill Village

    The Brewster Historical Society also takes care of a property called Windmill Village. The society restored the windmill, originally built in 1795, that had been donated to them. This windmill is incredibly special because of its intricate detailing and design. Many of its features are similar to that of a ship, like its curved timbers as well as the rare ship carvings on the feed bin inside. While the original builder is unknown, it is very likely that it was constructed by a seaman hundreds of years ago. Guests at Windmill Village can enjoy windmill and house tours, as well as blacksmith demonstrations! Admission is any donation and the area is run by volunteers, so just make sure to check when they are open!

    Brewster Historical Society Events

    The Brewster Historical Society holds many events in Brewster. They give many bus tours each year that travel around the area. Sit back and relax as you listen to your local tour guide teach you about Brewster’s amazing past! Some tours even include special activities like scavenger hunts and additional miniature tours. They also hold events at their properties for extra learning opportunities and a weekly farmers market during the summer!

    After Your History Lesson, Return to Candleberry Inn

    After learning about Brewster’s past, return to the historic Candleberry Inn. Our 1790’s Georgian Style inn is the perfect mix of past and present. Choose from romantic Victorian guest rooms or traditional Cape Cod suites featuring wide pine floors, oriental rugs, colorful walls, and working fireplaces. Located in the geographical center of Cape Cod, we are close to everything the area has to offer! What are you waiting for? Book today!

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