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Authors: Marco & Angelo

Authors: Marco & Angelo

We own the Candleberry Inn, a boutique bed and breakfast in central Cape Cod. We're glad to share our recommendations on all the great things to explore throughout Cape Cod.

Need Sun? Explore One of the Best Brewster Beaches on Cape Cod

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    There’s a reason why going to the beach is one of the most popular activities in Cape Cod. The Cape is full of beautiful waterfront spots, and several of them are in Brewster. In fact, this stretch of coast is home to exquisite tidal flats that extend into the bay for almost two miles.

    We’ve chosen our four favorite Brewster beaches on Cape Cod, but you don’t have to stop reading there. Our list includes many other bayside and freshwater beaches in town. Then, you can keep reading to learn about a few other beaches a short drive outside of town that we recommend visiting.

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    Preparing for Your Cape Cod Brewster Beach Adventure

    Before we jump right into the list, we want you to be prepared. During the summer, you don’t need anything extra if you plan to walk to a beach, but it’s a different story if you decide to drive. In that case, you’ll need a vehicle beach sticker from the Brewster Town Hall. This requirement is enforced between June 15 and Labor Day.

    For Massachusetts residents, a beach pass is $25. For out-of-state visitors, a one-day beach pass is $20, and a season beach pass is $150. You only need to present your vehicle registration to purchase a sticker. More information about sticker costs is available here.

    Another thing that you should prepare for is safety. Keep in mind that bayside beaches in Brewster don’t have lifeguards. However, the freshwater beach on Long Pond has a lifeguard for part of the summer if you want this extra safety precaution.

    Top 4 Brewster Beaches on Cape Cod Bay

    Paine’s Creek Beach

    The beach at Paine’s Creek is ideal for building sandcastles and swimming. The sand feels wonderful as you run into the inviting and warm water. Skimboarding is a popular activity on this beach, as is relaxing in beach chairs.

    An amazing feature is the vast difference in landscape between high and low tide. The waves hit the jetties and sea wall during high tide, but low tide exposes colorful marsh grasses and sparkling sand. Also of note, Paine’s Creek Beach is beach wheelchair accessible and has portable toilets during summer.

    Breakwater Beach

    Approximately ¼ mile (~10 minute walk) from the Candleberry Inn, Breakwater Beach with its soft sand and calm, mild water is a fantastic place to take the whole family for fun and relaxation. The sand is awesome at low tide, when you can see the tidal flats. The tidal pools that remain are filled with crabs, small fish, and shells. Whether it’s spring, summer, or fall, Breakwater Beach is a great place for a picnic. An ice cream truck passes by during the summer.

    Point of Rocks Landing

    For one of the most uncrowded and quiet Brewster beaches on Cape Cod, head to Point of Rocks Landing. The beach is so quiet because it’s located at the end of a dead-end street with no parking lot — only a few marked spaces along the road. As the name suggests, the beach has many scattered rocks, and a variety of sea creatures live among them. Also, you can see the tidal flats at low tide. During the summer, portable toilets are available.

    Crosby Landing

    The calm, warm water of Cape Cod Bay washes along the soft sand of Crosby Landing beach. The best times to visit are in the early morning and at sunset because the horizon is a marvelous sight. These times are great for doing yoga and meditation as well.

    Bodysurfing and swimming are fun activities. During low tide, you can walk onto the sandbar at Crosby Landing and see some sea creatures and shells here and there. Portable toilets are available during the summer.

    Other Cape Cod Bay Beaches in Brewster

    Mant’s Landing

    Also known as Robbins Hill Beach, Mant’s Landing is known for its array of sea creatures. The beach here has a countless amount of rock jetties and tidal pools. Because of that, it’s the perfect place for children to discover anemones, barnacles, hermit crabs, oysters, sea stars, small fish, and more.

    Aside from walking and exploring, the beach is a good place for swimming. It’s beach wheelchair and standard wheelchair accessible and has portable toilets during the summer.

    Saint’s Landing

    One of the best Brewster beaches on Cape Cod to watch the sunset, Saint’s Landing is small but peaceful. Aside from watching the sunset and stargazing, you can go for a refreshing swim, cast a fishing line, or collect an assortment of shells — jingle shells, moon shells, and scallop shells. Another option at Saint’s Landing is a walk on the Brewster Flats.

    Ellis Landing

    If walking on a beach is your favorite activity, Ellis Landing is where you want to go. The best time is during low tide when you can explore the tide pools. The beach is protected by sand dunes, which are ideal for having a picnic or relaxing in a beach chair. You can swim at this beach too, and portable toilets are available over the summer.

    Linnell Landing Beach

    With access to the Cape Cod Rail Trail, Linnell Landing Beach offers a range of water activities. High tide is ideal for swimming, the casual waves are perfect for bodysurfing, and the calm water is great for kayaking. During your beach day, you could see dolphins and will definitely see coastal birds. There’s a boardwalk that makes the beach wheelchair accessible, and portable toilets are available throughout summer.

    Freshwater Beaches in Brewster on Cape Cod

    Nickerson State Park

    With 1,900 acres, Nickerson State Park is a popular recreational destination and is home to one of the most-favored beaches in Brewster. At Cliff Pond Beach, you don’t have to worry about waves while you’re swimming. The pond is pretty big and adequate for boating, such as kayaking and canoeing. You can even go fishing and hiking around the pond.

    This isn’t the only beach in Nickerson State Park. There’s another small beach on Flax Pond, which you can reach via Flax Pond Rd. Although smaller than Cliff Pond, Flax Pond is a fun place for swimming and paddleboating.

    Long Pond Beaches

    Some other favored freshwater Brewster beaches on Cape Cod are on Long Pond, which runs along the southern border of Brewster and the northern border of Harwich. Long Pond Beach is accessible via Crowells Bog Rd. in Brewster, has portable toilets, and has a lifeguard on duty from Independence Day weekend to Labor Day weekend.

    Also on the pond are the Long Pond Beach and Boat Ramp, which is accessible via Long Pond Dr. in Harwich, and Cahoon Beach Landing, which is accessible via Cahoon Rd. in Harwich. No matter which beach you visit, the pond is pretty big and great for swimming, sailing, and paddleboating.

    Fisherman’s Landing on Sheep Pond

    North of Long Pond in Brewster is Fisherman’s Landing on Sheep Pond, which you can get to via Fisherman’s Landing Rd. The beach is small and has a swimming area, picnic tables, and a public dock for paddleboating. You need a permit to park at the landing, and portable toilets are available.

    More Beaches on Cape Cod Near Brewster

    Mayflower Beach

    A very prominent bayside beach in Dennis, Mayflower Beach is considered one of the most scenic on Cape Cod. It’s quite large and has powdery, white sand that’s good for volleyball and walking. The calm water is wonderful for swimming and skimboarding. You can get a weekly parking permit to park at the beach for $90, a weekday permit for $25, or weekend or holiday pass for $30. You can get more sticker cost information here.

    Skaket Beach

    In Orleans, Skaket Beach on West Rd. is lovely and awesome for families because the waves are calm and the water is warm. This makes the beach good for skimboarding and swimming. Tidal flats are exposed at low tide, allowing you to walk and explore the tidal pools. Even at high tide, there’s plenty of soft sand. Parking is available, and you can either pay cash at the gate or purchase a weekly beach pass from the town.

    Rock Harbor Beach

    For a great family beach, go to Rock Harbor Beach on Dyer Prince Rd. in Eastham. This small beach is often packed with people during the summer. However, there’s still lots of opportunity to run around and explore. The beach is ideal for swimming and watching the sunset as well. Unlike most of the other beaches on this list, you don’t need to pay a fee or buy a sticker to park here, but it can be difficult to find a spot because of the summer crowd.

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    Stay at the Candleberry Inn

    The most convenient place to stay for visiting the best Brewster beaches on Cape Cod is Candleberry Inn.

    Along with being less than a 15-minute walk from Breakwater Beach, we provide complimentary chairs, towels, and umbrellas for you to borrow. We make it easy for you to pack the essentials for a beach visit. When you need rest after a long day of fun, our luxurious accommodations are here to make you comfortable.

    You can start planning your beach getaway by checking our room availability.

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