What is the Best Way to Go Whale Watching in Brewster, MA

The Northeast Coast boasts some pretty beautiful beaches as well as some opportunities that might not be available to those further South. Off the coast of Cape Cod, you will discover great outdoor excursions, such as whale watching in Brewster, MA. Step on board a chartered vessel and explore the open waters! You might just spot a whale tail or fin peeking out from the top of the white-capped waves. Though there is no guarantee you will spot a whale, some humpbacks off shore might just make their presence known. Dolphins are also frequently spotted on these boat tours. And if not, then you will still receive a riveting ride on the water with beautiful views stretching for miles on either side. Here are just a few of the options when planning your adventure whale watching in Brewster, MA!

Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises

“Cape Cod’s finest whale watching!” is available with Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises. This company offers escapades for whale watching in Brewster, MA, every day at varying times. You will just have to travel a half hour to the southern end of the Cape to depart. Most days include two whale watching excursions, one in the morning and one in the early afternoon. You can check on the website’s calendar to plan which time you want to explore! First time whale watchers will receive a truly spectacular experience. These three-and-a-half to four-hour adventures are led by experienced captains and guided by expert naturalists. Sights along the way include coastal salt marshes, barrier islands, a historic cottage colony with a 150-year-old lighthouse, and great views of the harbor.

Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch

Head over to Provincetown to embark on a whale watching adventure with the Dolphin Fleet. These trips are designed to go beyond your typical boat trip. They also incorporate a wide variety of educational tools to enhance the audience’s awareness of whales and other marine life. Your vessel will depart from Provincetown Harbor and will include many hands-on displays, such as baleen from humpback whales. There will also be illustrations of the biology and geography around Cape Cod. You can schedule your trip on one of four vessels. These include the Dolphin VII, Dolphin VIII, Dolphin IX, and Dolphin X! Dolphin Fleet whale watching excursions fill to capacity often during summer months, so book ahead to guarantee your slot.

Tips on Whale Watching in Brewster, MA

Be sure to bring your cameras on your adventures whale watching in Brewster, MA, for some breathtaking shots. Spotting whales means scanning the waters constantly in hopes of finding a fin or tail. Be sure to keep looking along the horizon for things that don’t belong. Splashing in the distance often indicates a whale presence. Your guiding naturalist will be on the lookout as well and will add to the eyes scanning the water. Whales are often spotted in particular locations, including the Southwest Corner or Southeast reaches of the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary.

After Whale Watching in Brewster, MA

After whale watching in Brewster, MA, along the Cape, come back to Candleberry Inn. You will receive a luxurious treatment at our charming bed and breakfast. Wake up to delicious smells in the kitchen and go to bed with comfortable mattresses made for the best night’s sleep. We can’t wait to see you here in beautiful Cape Cod! For more to see and do, download our free vacation guide.