5 Things at Cliff Pond in Brewster that Will Blow Your Mind

Cliff Pond in Brewster is a great place for recreation during your visit to Cape Cod and Candleberry Inn. This freshwater public waterfront is a great break from the salt ocean water. At Cliff Pond in Brewster, you will enjoy roped off swimming, boat rentals, a small beach, and gorgeous green scenery. This is an ideal place to relax during a morning or afternoon in Cape Cod. Located in Nickerson State Park, Cliff Pond in Brewster is also a great starting point for some hiking trails. If you’re feeling more adventurous, opt for a journey along one of these trails or try some Cliff Pond Brewster MA fishing. Here are just 5 of the most spectacular things to experience during your visit to Cliff Pond in Brewster!

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There’s this whole phenomenon around wild swimming, e.g. swimming in natural lakes, rivers, and the sea. There’s much more excitement involved that swimming laps in a neighborhood pool, and the beautiful surrounding landscape of the natural environment brings an added level of rejuvenation. At Nickerson State Park and particularly Cliff Pond in Brewster, there is a wonderful wild swimming opportunity, with a roped off section dedicated specifically to this form of recreation. You can also revel in the lack of dangerous rip tides, currents, waves, and sea life. With stunning, clear water and warm temperatures in the summer months, you will appreciate this unique activity at Cliff Pond in Brewster.


Another way to appreciate the beautiful waters of Cliff Pond in Brewster is by going on a boating voyage. There are boat rentals available at the freshwater beach along with a boat ramp to get your vessel out on the calm water. You will enjoy wonderful summer temperatures and smooth breezes as you journey out on Cliff Pond in Brewster. Jack’s Boat Rentals offers everything from stand up paddle boards to canoes and kayaks. Paddle at your own speed and avoid rough waters at Cliff Pond in Brewster while enjoying the surrounding scenery.


Maybe water sports and activities aren’t quite your thing. You can still enjoy the nature of Cliff Pond in Brewster and the encompassing Nickerson State Park by embarking on one of the many hiking trails throughout the area. The sand dunes and salt marshes will disappear as you ascend to a retreat of pine forests and lush hills. Whether you choose to hike or bike, these trails will give you the best of both terrains and offer 8 miles of trails for you to enjoy at your leisure. The Cliff Pond trail is a 2.8 mile loop that accommodates all skill levels. Pack a picnic lunch and start out from Cliff Pond in Brewster, ending up in what may seem like the forests of the Berkshires, right here in Cape Cod!


Either from the shoreline or from a boat out on the waters of Cliff Pond in Brewster, cast your line and prepare to catch some freshwater fish. The Nickerson State Park ponds are all stocked with a variety of fish, but Cliff Pond in Brewster is the most heavily stocked trout water. Reel in brook, brown, and rainbow trout in the summer and early fall. You can try trolling for these beauties with smelt streamers or small, narrow spoons and spinners. You can catch some huge trout in these waters!


If you’re not looking to participate in any rigorous outdoor activity, you can still lounge on the sandy waterfront of Cliff Pond in Brewster and relax the day away. With serene natural surroundings, including green forests and calm waters, you will feel just like you’re supposed to on vacation- comfortable and rejuvenated!

After Visiting Cliff Pond in Brewster

After a day at Cliff Pond in Brewster, come back to Candleberry Inn, just 10 minutes away, for a peaceful night’s sleep. Then, wake up in the morning to our homemade breakfast and start off another beautiful day in Cape Cod! We hope to see you here soon.