Go Back in Time When You Take the Best Cape Cod to Nantucket Day Trip

From boundless outdoor activities, such as fishing and beaching in the summer, to staying bundled up inside enjoying delectable cuisine and antique shopping in the winter—Cape Cod is full of the best things to do year-round. This includes venturing to the Cape’s surrounding areas. A Cape Cod to Nantucket day trip allows you to travel back in time. Elm tree-lined cobblestone streets and museums dedicated to their rise to fame make Nantucket a foolproof day trip. Plus, it’s only two and a half hours from our inn. Start planning your trip with our complimentary Vacation Guide and see all that our area has to offer!

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Your Guide to an Unsurpassable Cape Cod to Nantucket Day Trip

The Best Way To Get There

Getting to Nantucket involves a 42-mile drive through Hyannis, which is sandwiched by the beautiful, blue waters of the Nantucket Sound. Hop on one of the many ferries that take you to Nantucket once you reach the end of your auto journey. Ferry rates run between $69 and $77 for a round-trip adult ticket. The most efficient way to see the best of Nantucket is with a bus or van tour. If you’d rather tool around on your own, though, bike and car rentals are available, too.

Visit the Whaling Museum

Whaling, the practice of capturing and killing whales for their oil, meat, and bone, is a pinnacle aspect of what turned Nantucket from one of the most powerful whaling commercial centers in the world into a tourist destination. The Whaling Museum, open daily from April 2 through Dec. 31, pays tribute to Nantucket’s deep history with whaling. The museum offers self-guided and guided tours for visitors.

Explore the Whale Hunt Gallery (which has the skeleton of an actual Sperm whale), visit the Hadwen & Barney Oil and Candle Factory, and take time to read about whaling history in Nantucket and enjoy the art gallery. Whaling eventually slowed down and died off in the late 1930s due to concerns about the whales’ conservation status. Currently, Sperm whales are considered vulnerable.

Be sure to do some whale watching once you’re back on the Cape if this museum strikes your animal-lovers chord!

Stroll Around Historic Downtown

Nantucket Historic District is laid with cobblestone streets and lined with historic homes that have been kept architecturally sound to maintain a late 18th and 19th-century charm. Experience Nantucket’s beauty via bus, bike, or on foot. Nantucket’s preservation of its 18th to 19th-century seaport town atmosphere hasn’t impeded the town’s ability to host lavish shops and restaurants. Travel and Leisure noted that this is due to the town’s ban on big chain stores and mentioned some of the best places to shop, like Millie & Grace. Stop by Dune for dinner and choose a glass from their extensive wine list, but don’t forget about the best Cape Cod wineries once you return! Enjoy upscale catches such as their crispy Nantucket Bay scallop tostada to end your day trip.

Come Back to Candleberry Inn and Continue Your Adventures

We can’t be there to make sure you have a great trip to Nantucket (even though we know you will!), but we want to be the bookends that make you trip incredible. So, fuel up with our inn’s gourmet breakfast before your Cape Cod to Nantucket day trip. Breakfast includes fruit and three options for the main course that are made with homegrown veggies and herbs and rounded out with traditional sides like bacon and sausage. Relax your legs and full tummy in our Cricket Room overlooking the garden and fountain.

The Cricket Room at the Candleberry Inn. You can stay here during your day trip from Cape Cod to Nantucket.

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