10 Reasons Why You Need to Go to the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History

When vacationing in beautiful Cape Cod, Massachusetts, you will find no shortage of Cape Cod museums, art galleries, and historic sites. One of the most popular attractions in the area is the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History. This organization’s mission is to inspire appreciation, understanding, and stewardship of the surrounding natural environment through discovery and education. Learn more about the past as well as current preservation of Cape Cod through your own explorations at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History. Here are 10 reasons why you should make a visit during your stay at the Candleberry Inn!

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10 Exhibits at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History

Archaeology: One Cape, Many Waters

This wonderful exhibit at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History highlights the archaeological investigations of the museum. Discover the various people who have occupied Cape Cod land over the years. You will be transported back 10,000 years to the glacial melting! Learn about human habitation by Native People such as the Wampanoag and discover current studies on early settlers and life in the region.


The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History Aquarium explores the diversity of freshwater and saltwater habitats in Cape Cod. You will learn about and view local marine life in the ever-changing aquarium. See eels, lobster, turtles, crabs, moon jellies, sharks, and a variety of fish.

Eldridge Arnold Wing

Eldridge Arnold was a man of many talents. He started his own award-winning graphic design company, became a world-class bird carver, and was an avid outdoorsman and fisherman. The Eldridge Arnold Wing at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History commemorates Arnold and replicates his Hyannis Port bird carving workshop.

Honey Bees

Honey bees are essential to our life on earth! Learn about these interesting creatures that are so vital to our food source at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History. You will be able to observe the inner workings of an active hive.

Marshview Room

The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History Marshview Room celebrates the wildlife of Cape Cod. Appreciate everything from the salt marshes and high tides to the upland wooded area of Wing’s Island. The Marshview Room holds a variety of plants and animals in these diverse ecosystems. There is also an Osprey Cam set up on a nest in the marsh. If you come at the right time, you might even get to view a hatching!

Naturescape Gallery

The Naturescape Gallery’s rotating exhibit features artists from Cape Cod and the surrounding New England area. Long-term exhibitors include artist, author, and naturalist, James Prosek and nature illustrator Barbara Harmon.

People of the Land

The People of the Land exhibit at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History was produced in collaboration with Plimoth Plantation and modern-day Wampanoag. It shows the early inhabitants of the Cape Cod regions and includes artifacts that were recovered from archaeological excavations.

Preserved Bird Collection

The Preserved Bird Collection at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History is known as Bird Alley. It features an extensive collection of mounted specimens that can all be found on Cape Cod. There is also an additional nest exhibit.

The Cape Takes Shape

Cape Cod is constantly changing, and this particular exhibit showcases the dramatic coastal erosion and ways to preserve the land that we all love. The Cape Takes Shape looks back as far as 10,000 years ago as the glacier sheets began to melt across North America. It looks as many as 8,000 years into the future with predictions of landscape change.

The Butterfly House & Pollinator Path

The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History star might just be the Butterfly House, which is free with summer admission. You will be able to see these fragile creatures take flight and land on nearby flowers. You will also have access to the Pollinator Path gardens to further marvel in the magic!

Retreat to Candleberry Inn

After exploring all the wonders of the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History and learning about the history and environment of this magnificent place we call home, enjoy the rest of your stay at the Candleberry Inn. We offer that extra special attention that you deserve on your vacation. This includes a delicious handmade breakfast each morning. We can’t wait to see you here in beautiful Cape Cod!