Here Are 5 of the Most Interesting Facts About Brewster, MA, History

One of our favorite parts of Cape Cod is its rich history. As you travel through each town, you are sure to see houses and buildings that are over a hundred years old. Brewster, MA, history dates all the way back 1803 where it was delegated as a parish of Harwich and incorporated as a town! With incredible history, a great coastal climate, and gorgeous views, Brewster is a spectacular place to visit. Come stay at Candleberry Inn and see for yourself!

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5 Facts About Brewster, MA, History

1. The Sea Captain’s Town

Over time, Brewster has gained a plethora of nicknames and titles, and for good reason! It’s most popular nickname is “The Sea Captain’s Town” due to its seafaring history of the 1800s. After acquiring wealth on the open ocean, the sea captains would come back and build mansions in Brewster, making it a prosperous and beautifully architectured bayside town. Even Candleberry Inn has a history as a captain’s home!

2. William Brewster

Without William Brewster, Brewster, MA, history would be quite different. The town got its name from William, one of the original pilgrims aboard the Mayflower. He settled in Harwich, MA, in 1659, long before Brewster eventually separated from the larger province.

3. Grist Mill

While the Stony Brook Grist Mill still stands as a testament to Brewster, MA, history, the original grist mill of the town was across the street. At this center of commerce, you could find wool fabric, dry goods, and more! Many gathered to buy and sell goods brought by ships as well as process unfinished goods.

4. The Prominent Crosby Family

One of the most important families involved in Brewster, MA, history was the Crosbys. Nathan Crosby was a tanner’s apprentice and became an expert before trying his luck in Chicago. After making a fortune distilling alcohol in the city, he decided to return home with his wealth. He constructed the Crosby Mansion where his old home once stood, and it is still available to tour today!

5. The Candleberry Inn

You can’t forget about the Brewster, MA, history of our very own Candleberry Inn! Our historic bed and breakfast has been home to statesmen, sea captains, authors, and artists for over 200 years. It’s just part of what makes it a special place to visit and stay. We have done our best to keep its natural beauty through our family heirlooms and antiques. When you stay at Candleberry Inn, you’ll discover authentic architectural details throughout the inn such as wide pine floors, hand-blown glass windows, wainscoting, and working fireplaces.

Staying at Candleberry Inn

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