Restaurants in Brewster MA
Authors: Marco & Angelo

Authors: Marco & Angelo

We own the Candleberry Inn, a boutique bed and breakfast in central Cape Cod. We're glad to share our recommendations on all the great things to explore throughout Cape Cod.

22 of the Best Local & Unique Cape Cod Restaurants

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    Celebrated as one of the prime vacation destinations in the Northeast for its enchanting charm and stunning beaches, Cape Cod doubles as a culinary wonderland. Its strategic position in the Atlantic Ocean means that Cape Cod restaurants are renowned for serving exceptionally fresh seafood.

    Yet, the culinary experience on the Cape extends far beyond seafood, offering a vibrant dining scene that caters to diverse tastes. If you’re pondering where to eat during your Cape Cod getaway, our curated list of the best restaurants is an essential guide for your gastronomic adventures.

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    enjoy casual dining at Bangkok Kitchen - one of the best Cape Cod restaurants
    Bangkok Kitchen | photo via Michele M

    Best Casual Dining Restaurants on Cape Cod

    Betsy’s Diner in Falmouth

    Known for its cheerful service and quality cuisine, Betsy’s Diner offers a classic ’50s diner breakfast lineup, featuring staples like pancakes, French toast, waffles, omelets, and breakfast sandwiches.

    Surprisingly, the menu also features contemporary options, such as eggs Benedict and gluten-free variations of pancakes, waffles, and French toast. The lunch selection stays true to diner traditions, boasting favorites like burgers, hot dogs, turkey clubs, chicken fingers, and French fries.

    Bangkok Kitchen in Hyannis

    Bangkok Kitchen stands out as one of Cape Cod’s premier destinations for authentic Thai cuisine, renowned for preparing each dish fresh and tailored to individual orders. The noodles are a particular highlight, but the menu also includes an array of salads, soups, Thai curries, desserts, and unique specialty dishes.

    Keltic Kitchen in West Yarmouth

    Keltic Kitchen lives up to its name as the go-to spot for Irish cuisine. The breakfast and lunch offerings predominantly feature Irish dishes. Breakfast delights include potato pancakes, French toast crafted from Portuguese sweet bread, and traditional Galtee black and white pudding.

    The lunch menu boasts items like corned beef on Irish brown bread, a Keltic burger accompanied by a rasher (Irish bacon), and a rasher, lettuce, and tomato (RLT) sandwich. The restaurant caters to diverse dietary needs with vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options available too.

    Route 28 Diner in South Yarmouth

    Open year-round and offering breakfast all day, Route 28 Diner specializes in every imaginable style of eggs. Alongside these, you’ll find classic favorites, like sizzling bacon and golden pancakes.

    The lunch menu features traditional favorites, including Reuben sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, and sloppy joes. For those seeking something different, the diner also serves unique options like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fried bologna grilled cheese sandwiches, and tacos.

    The Lanyard Bar and Grill is one of Cape Cod's best casual dining restaurants
    The Lanyard Bar and Grill | photo via @goodeatsbychar

    The Lanyard Bar & Grill in Harwich

    A seasonal establishment, The Lanyard Bar & Grill is among the Cape Cod restaurants that deeply value community ties. It offers a menu featuring smoked barbecue, fresh seafood, burgers, and sandwiches. Additionally, the restaurant boasts a full raw bar, inventive daily specials, and an appealing menu for kids.

    Red Barn Pizza & More in Eastham

    For those with a taste for a delicious pie, Red Barn Pizza & More stands out as one of Cape Cod’s top pizza destinations. Here, you can indulge in whole pies or opt for individual slices, with gluten-free pizza dough also on offer. Besides pizza, the restaurant serves a variety of salads, soups, pastas, sub sandwiches, and grilled delicacies.

    Bleu - one of the best Cape Cod fine dining restaurants
    Bleu Restaurant | photo via Bleu Restaurant

    Best Cape Cod Restaurants for Fine Dining

    Bleu Restaurant in Mashpee

    The French bistro Bleu Restaurant transports patrons to France with its contemporary cuisine. Under the stewardship of Executive Chef Frederic Feufeu, it has garnered acclaim for its outstanding dishes and wine list.

    The menus for brunch, lunch, and dinner feature a range of delicacies, including garlic butter escargot, oysters with mignonette sauce, French toast accompanied by creme anglaise, sauteed sea scallops with Reggiano risotto, and roasted salmon enhanced with truffle honey Bosc pears.

    Spinnaker in Brewster

    Spinnaker — a standout among Cape Cod’s eateries in Brewster — presents a Mediterranean-chic boutique dining experience. Its exceptional dinner menu features succulent grilled octopus, Valencia-style cod, richly roasted duck, Chef Rob’s signature slow-cooked ragu Bolognese, and more.

    Additionally, the restaurant has a selection of beers and an extensive variety of wines. Catering to diverse dietary needs, Spinnaker provides gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options.

    Buca’s Tuscan Roadhouse in Harwich

    Celebrated as one of Cape Cod’s finest Italian restaurant experiences, Buca’s Tuscan Roadhouse offers a culinary journey to Tuscany. Drawing inspiration from a trattoria nestled in Greve at the heart of Chianti’s wine region, the menu boasts an array of pastas, seafood, chicken, steak, and veal dishes.

    Complementing the main courses, there’s a tempting assortment of desserts, along with a commendable selection of cocktails, wines, and beers.

    Ceraldi in Wellfleet

    For those seeking upscale dining at a waterfront location, Ceraldi stands out as a top choice. Chef Michael Ceraldi masterfully crafts seven-course dinners nightly, utilizing the freshest ingredients sourced locally. The ambiance of the restaurant strikes a perfect balance between casual comfort and vibrant energy, providing a distinctive and enjoyable dining experience.

    Pate’s Restaurant in Chatham

    Pate’s Restaurant is a cherished dining destination that has evolved from a simple hamburger and ice cream stand to a renowned establishment under the guidance of Chef-Owner Anthony Silvestri.

    The restaurant prides itself on serving fresh, approachable cuisine crafted with exceptional care and sourced from local farmers and fishermen. Patrons can create lifelong memories while enjoying the warm atmosphere and meticulously prepared dishes that make it a beloved fixture.

    enjoy fine dining at The Mews restaurant in Cape Cod
    The Mews Restaurant & Cafe | photo via Laura M

    The Mews Restaurant & Cafe in Provincetown

    Established in 1964, The Mews Restaurant & Cafe has been synonymous with cozy yet refined dining on Commercial Street. The upstairs bistro, known as The Cafe, offers a scenic view of the beach and Cape Cod Bay. In the lower dining room, situated at beach level, guests feel as though they are dining right on the sand.

    The celebrated menu includes a raw bar, lobster dumplings, baked oysters, almond-crusted cod, and duck leg confit, along with a selection of burgers and sandwiches. The restaurant caters to various dietary preferences with gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options available as well.

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    Best Seafood Restaurants on Cape Cod

    Spanky’s Clam Shack in Hyannis

    Operating exclusively in the summer months, Spanky’s Clam Shack ranks as a top dining destination along Hyannis Harbor. This eatery is acclaimed for its award-winning clam chowder.

    But, the extensive menu caters to all seafood cravings — broiled, fried, and grilled fish and shellfish. Plus, Spanky’s features a raw bar, alongside a variety of pasta, steak, and chicken dishes.

    Skipper Chowder House in South Yarmouth

    As the most historic among the Cape Cod restaurants that serve seafood, Skipper Chowder House has been delighting patrons since 1936. Renowned for its award-winning clam chowder and recognized in competitions in Boston, Cape Cod, and Newport, the restaurant prides itself on using only the freshest ingredients.

    The menu features a range of coastal delicacies, like seaside sandwiches, fishermen’s platters, clam and calamari rolls, lobster rolls, and classic fish and chips. Also, there’s a raw bar with the freshest seafood selections. For a sweet finish, visit Skipper’s Ice Cream Shack, known for its specialty sundaes and soft-serve ice cream.

    Fin - one of the best seafood restaurants in Cape Cod
    Fin | photo via Fin

    Fin in Dennis

    Fin restaurant stands out in Dennis as a top destination for inventive and modern seafood dishes. Housed in a building over 200 years old, this restaurant offers a unique dining experience with several distinct dining rooms.

    Committed to local and seasonal ingredients, Fin’s menu is ever-evolving, ensuring fresh and exciting choices. While specializing in seafood, the restaurant offers organic poultry and beef selections too.

    The Brewster Fish House in Brewster

    Established in 1982, The Brewster Fish House has earned a reputation as one of Cape Cod’s premier seafood destinations. Its contemporary bistro-style offerings vary with the seasons, potentially including dishes like crispy calamari, lobster bisque, a cod sandwich, a sirloin burger, sautéed shrimp, and classic fish and chips. The restaurant also boasts a distinctive cocktail menu, along with a variety of craft beers and wines.

    Impudent Oyster in Chatham

    For over four decades, the Impudent Oyster has been a top choice in Chatham, renowned for its exceptional local seafood. Set in a quaint wooden structure adorned with stained glass, the venue radiates charm.

    Its lunch and dinner offerings feature a variety of dishes, including clam chowder, lobster rolls, Kobe beef Cali burgers, fish tacos, steak filets, lobster, Bolognese, and seafood puttanesca.

    The Lobster Pot is one of Cape Cod's best seafood restaurants
    Lobster Pot | photo via Peter M

    Lobster Pot in Provincetown

    A historic gem among Cape Cod’s seafood restaurants, the Lobster Pot has been a Provincetown landmark since 1943. Recognizable by its iconic neon sign, this seasonal eatery is renowned for its high-quality seafood.

    Alongside its maritime specialties, the Lobster Pot offers a diverse menu that includes Portuguese cuisine, chicken, and steak options. Catering to a wide range of dietary needs, the restaurant also boasts an extensive gluten-free menu, ensuring a welcoming dining experience for all.

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    Best Places on Cape Cod for Quick Bites, Coffee, & Dessert

    Cape Cod Creamery in Hyannis, Dennis, & South Yarmouth

    Boasting the most exquisite gourmet ice cream on Cape Cod, the Cape Cod Creamery’s widespread popularity is evident in its three outlets. The secret to its flavorful, award-winning frozen desserts lies in their unique preparation, resulting in a less airy, denser ice cream.

    With around 30 tempting flavors on offer, patrons can also purchase these delectable treats by the quart at select retail locations.

    Corner Store in Chatham & Orleans

    Despite its unassuming name, the Corner Store stands out as a culinary highlight in Orleans. Since 2005, it has been delighting customers with exceptional sandwiches, paninis, burritos, soups, and desserts.

    The Chatham branch, while offering a more concise menu, maintains the same standard of excellence in its offerings. In addition to its core menu, the Orleans location features salads, beer, cider, wine, and sangria, enhancing the dining experience.

    enjoy a cup of the best coffee on Cape Cod at Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters
    Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters | photo via Anjanel K

    Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters in Brewster & Chatham

    Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters is celebrated for serving the finest coffee in its locales. Whether you’re at the cafe and roastery in Brewster or enjoying the espresso bar in Chatham, you’re in for a treat.

    The offerings go beyond just coffee and espresso. The menu includes a variety of teas, refreshing citrus drinks, and an assortment of pastries, oatmeal, granola, and other sweet treats, making it a must-visit for anyone in the area.

    Hole In One Bakery & Coffee Shop in Eastham

    The Hole in One Bakery & Coffee Shop in Eastham distinguishes itself as more than just a breakfast and lunch spot, unlike its Orleans counterpart. Renowned for its freshly brewed coffee and tea, premium hot chocolate complete with in-house marshmallows, and a selection of exotic lattes, it’s a haven for beverage enthusiasts.

    But, the real stars are the hand-cut doughnuts, celebrated for their heavenly taste and satisfying crispness. This excellence in baking led to the Cape Cod Times naming it the Best Bakery on Cape Cod in 2019, solidifying its status as a must-visit destination for those with a sweet tooth.

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    baked good and fruit at our Cape Cod B&B

    Best Hotel to Stay In on Cape Cod

    When you’re looking for a centrally located retreat to Cape Cod restaurants, Candleberry Inn in Brewster is the ideal choice. Our bed and breakfast offers unmatched luxury accommodations, and each room is equipped with top-tier amenities for your comfort.

    We take particular pride in our multicourse breakfast, a true culinary delight for our guests. And when it comes to dining out in Brewster, we’re ready to recommend amazing local restaurants to ensure that you have the best experience during your stay.

    As you begin to plan your Cape Cod getaway, look at our room availability for your travel dates!

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